Tips for Lost Pets

We have done our best to compile some additional information for you to hopefully help you locate your pet.

First and foremost, search your home carefully!

Check under beds, in closets, behind or under furniture, to make sure your pet is not hiding or sleeping somewhere within your home. Calling for your pet, shaking their food or treats, or squeaking a prized toy may help to lure them out if they are within hearing distance. If you are sure your pet is not in or around the home, you should take a slow ride or walk around the neighborhood. Before you leave, make sure to leave some clothing that has your scent on it on your porch to help your pet use its own nose to find home if it is still close by. While you are searching the neighborhood, ask neighbors if they have seen your pet (so be sure to bring along a recent photo to show them.) Check under porches and shrubs, and ask neighbors to check in sheds and garages just in case your pet was accidentally locked in.

If you still have not located your pet, begin to make calls to shelters, animal control and rescue groups that are in your area.

Shelters should ALWAYS be visited in person when possible!!! If there are no shelters where you live, you can call the police department’s non-emergency number and leave a description with the dispatcher, but call the shelter the next business day and make sure they have the information as well. If you are unsure what all rescues and shelters are near you, you can perform a search here:

Next, you need to get the word out on social media.

You are already posting on Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network, which is a GREAT resource, but there are many other great resources out there and you should utilize all of them that you can! Create a posting on your own facebook page with description, photos, the last time and location seen and any other information that may help locate and identify your pet. Then, have friends and family share the posting and ask their friends to share as well! Post messages on any animal groups you may be in, local yard sale sites, shelter’s pages, etc. Also put a posting up on the Nextdoor app, as well as Pawboost and even Craigslist.


Once you have done those things – it is time to go “old school.” The classics continue to work, and cannot be forgotten. Create a “lost pet” flyer, or have one made up for you online, there are many websites that will do so for free: and are two. Once your flyer is made up post flyers in the area your pet was lost in, on lamp posts or trees as well as local dog parks, pet supply stores, veterinary offices, groomers, and beyond to commercial establishments like grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Be sure to ask business owners for permission before posting flyers.

You can also give a copy of the flyer to your mail carrier, these men and women drive through your neighborhood and the surrounding area every day!

Once you have done everything there is to do, if you still have not found your pet, do not give up hope. There are pets who inconceivably find their way home every day.. so don’t lose hope!



We at ALFPN truly hope that your pet is found quickly, and that you don’t even need all of these tips!

Best wishes and good luck,

Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network