Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are scheduled for specific time slots based on their availability. We follow a schedule. This is not a “jump on and do your part when you can”, we will require some form of commitment from you that you can spare your time with us XX amount of hours each day/week.

Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated by the staff of ALFPN and the animals in need. Thank you for considering to volunteer with us.

Volunteer Opportunities
How many hours per week could you spare your time to volunteer with us?
Our volunteers work in 2 hour minimum slots. Scheduling is from 8am - 10pm every day of the week. Please let us know how many hours you can spare.
Please let us know when you are available for volunteer work
What times of the day are good for you?
What is your knowledge of Facebook?
We use Facebook daily to push our submissions out to the public. You will be required to work with Facebook.
Have you ever worked with WordPress?
If you haven't, that's cool. We will train you. :)If you haven't, that's cool. We will train you. 🙂
How would you rate your computer skills?

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