Sad News in Sheridan (Grant): Calico long haired

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Sad News in Sheridan (Grant)
ALFPN is so sorry for your loss.
Type of Pet: Cat
Description of Pet: Calico long haired
Area Seen in: Sheridan Hwy going westbound before Springdale exit. Cat was hit by car in front of my rescue partner on her way home tonight. She stopped but the cat didn’t make it. She moved it off the highway into the grass. There was also an orange cat with it that was not injured but couldn’t be caught.
City (County) Seen in: Sheridan (Grant)
Date Seen: March 30, 2019
Time Seen: 1:30 AM
Gender of Pet: Unsure
Age of Pet: Adult
Was the pet wearing a collar with ID? Unsure

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