Lost Lionhead rabbits. in Conway (Faulkner County)

By ALFPN Schielke

Pet’s Name: Pistachio, Sapphire, Chip, Jackie, Aggie
Description: Pistachio is an adult, male lionhead rabbit with broken coloring. White with brown and black markings. Has a “mustache” of dark brown over his nose. Aggie and Jackie are 3 month old lionheads. Aggie has Agouti coloring on her back, and Jackie is solid gray. Sapphire is slightly younger and blue. Chip is the baby; only 3 weeks old and a broken black lionhead mini lop mix.
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Area Lost: 2nd Avenue near Vine St.
Date & Time Lost: 8:00 PM on June 18, 2021
Spayed or Neutered: No
Collar with ID?: No
Contact Human: Siobhan Benson
Human’s Email: DucksInARowLearningCenter@gmail.com
Human’s Phone: 5012760519
Can we publish your phone number? Yes