LOST Dog in North Little Rock (Pulaski): Hound Chocolate Brown with White Markings on Chest and Feet – Girl Dog

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LOST Dog in North Little Rock (Pulaski)
Name of Pet: Girl Dog
Description of Pet: Hound dog, brown, very skinny, blind/deaf, old, no collar
Area Lost In: Lakewood
City (County) Lost In: North Little Rock (Pulaski)
Date Lost: August 19, 2019
Time Lost: 1:00 PM
Gender of Pet: Female
Was the Pet Wearing a Collar with ID? No
Approximate Age of Pet: Senior
Is the Pet Spayed or Neutered? Unsure
Is the Pet Microchipped? No
Contact Person’s Name: Mary Traylor
Contact Person’s Phone Number: (501) 607-1426
Contact Person’s Email Address: mtraylor92@sbcglobal.net
What is the BEST Way to Contact You About the Pet? Text Message, Call

2 thoughts on “LOST Dog in North Little Rock (Pulaski): Hound Chocolate Brown with White Markings on Chest and Feet – Girl Dog

  1. Date Reshared: 09-08-2019
    Deb Boysen shared this information from her owner:I received a call from a blocked number on 8/21. The person told me that he had found my dog, then proceeded to tell me that I should be ashamed of myself. He said the dog had not eaten in months, that her toenails were so long, that she had to walk on the side of her feet, and that she had a heart condition. He righteously claimed that he did the only humane thing and had my dog put to sleep.
    Here is the truth. My Girl Dog was, and has always been, very thin from the time she was rescued 2 years ago. She is a senior and a hound dog. Seniors lose muscle mass, and hound dogs are inherently thin. Her blood work from the vet showed no irregularities in liver or kidney function. All other levels were normal. I fed her 1 cup of dry 4Heatlh Lamb & Rice, plus some vegetables, twice a day.
    My Girl Dog was bow legged due to, what my vet said, was a previous injury to her front legs. It did appear that she walked unnaturally because of this. You can see the knobs above her ankles in the picture.
    She did have a heart condition, heart worms, and was being treated via a slow kill method using Advantage Multi. We were due to go for a retest in September.
    My girl dog was loved and cared for. She was my shadow for 2 years. She slept in the bed right next to me every night. My plan was to give her, and my other senior dogs, the best days of what was left of their lives, in a comfortable, loving, caring home.
    This man took that away from her. I want him to know that what he is did was wrong. That he had no right taking her and passing his self-righteous death sentence on my Girl. He had no right to judge my care for animals. I have been in dog rescue for 7 years.
    My family is heartbroken. My husband believes that she may still be alive somewhere. I don’t know what to believe, other than I miss her every day and want my Girl Dog home with me.

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