LOST Dog in Bauxite (Saline): 4 mos old. White Husky, black dots on right ear- Blizzard

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LOST Dog in Bauxite (Saline)
Name of Pet: Blizzard
Description of Pet: 4 months old. White Husky with black dots on right ear. Puppy is deaf.
Area Lost In: Skyview Dr
City (County) Lost In: Bauxite (Saline)
Date Lost: February 8, 2020
Time Lost: 10:00 AM
Gender of Pet: Female
Was the Pet Wearing a Collar with ID? No
Approximate Age of Pet: Baby
Is the Pet Spayed or Neutered? No
Is the Pet Microchipped? No
Contact Person’s Name: Marely
Contact Person’s Phone Number: (501) 786-9389
What is the BEST Way to Contact You About the Pet? Text Message

2 thoughts on “LOST Dog in Bauxite (Saline): 4 mos old. White Husky, black dots on right ear- Blizzard

  1. Rehomed: 02.27.2020
    Email from previous owners: We found blizzard, the person who had her saw the Facebook post from your page and she called me, she wanted to buy her, she said the dog is microchipped now, the were taking her to classes, so she learned sign language and that they fell in love with her. She said she try to find us, but since we didn’t reported her right away, they had no way to contact us, she said she took the dog to the humane society to get scan for a microchip and didn’t find any, she said she knock on the neighbors door trying to find us. We were waiting for her to be 4 months old to get her fixed and microchipped, But She was a few days away from turning 4 months when we lost her, we where driving around the neighborhood looking for her and hoping she will come back. We talk for a long time looking for what was best for her since she is deaf, so me and my husband decided to let her go, we travel a lot, we are not home most of the time and she needs more time, love and attention. Just wanted to let you know, we found her and with a heavy heart we let her go again thinking it was for her best. She looks clean, well feed, happy and big. We did not accept any money from them, just the promise that they are going to love her and care for her. ❤️

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