FOUND Dog in Searcy (White): 10-yr. old Visla named Blaze

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Found Dog in Searcy (White)
Description of Pet:

Ok. He is a 10 year old visla. He has a microchip that was given and registered in 2010. It was given in San Antonio, Texas. There are four phone numbers, one of which was disconnected. We left messages for the other 3. That was at noon today and we haven’t heard anything back.
According to his chip his name is “Blaze”

Area Found In: Riverview rd
City (County) Found In: Searcy (White)
Date Found: January 16, 2020
Time Found: 7:00 AM
Gender of Pet: Male
Approximate Age of Pet: Adult
Is the Pet Spayed or Neutered? Unsure
Contact Person’s  Name: Searcy Animal Shelter

Contact phone number: 501-268-3535

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