FOUND Dog in Ola (Yell): black lab mix, young, about 35 pounds

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Found Dog in Ola (Yell)
Description of Pet: black lab/mix breed female on I-10 between Ola, AR and Casas, AR, coaxed easily into the car with a piece of pizza! She is young, but age not known, very sweet, no microchip, about 35 pounds currently. No identifying info, no collar/tags. she does not appear to be house house-trained, or leash-trained so we assume she may be a stray, but posting just in case she may have been a new rescue/foster who escaped. I am posting for my friend who found her on a roadtrip and has brought her back to Fort Worth Texas with her. This is a courtesy post for a friend (I am in NH and font know the area). Unfortunately my friend cannot keep her so if anyone can suggest a rescue who might be able to help if an owner is not found we would greatly appreciate it!
Area Found In: I-10 between Ola, AR and Casas, AR
City (County) Found In: Ola (Yell)
Date Found: November 3, 2019
Time Found: 12:00 PM
Gender of Pet: Female
Approximate Age of Pet: 1-2 yrs?
Is the Pet Spayed or Neutered? Unsure
Contact Person’s Name: Kay
Contact Person’s Phone Number: (000) 000-0000
Contact Person’s Email Address:
What is the BEST Way to Contact You About the Pet? Email

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