Found Dog in Dutton, AR (Madison County) puppy Lab (choco/cinnamon color) mixed with some pit

By ALFPN Schielke

Description: Looks like late puppy Lab (choco/cinnamon color) mixed with some pitty. Not very tall with huge paws. Built for swimming. She has some sort of skin condition (psoriasis?) with little scar tissue all over her. There was a collar mark but not recent.
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Area Found: Dutton, AR (Saint Paul – Pettigrew Area). South of the river.
Date & Time Found: 9:00 AM May 1, 2021
Spayed or Neutered: Unknown
Collar with ID?: No
Contact Human: J. Hutton
Human’s Email:
Human’s Phone: 479-957-3561
Can we publish your phone number? Yes