LOST Dog in Hot Springs (Garland): Lon-Haired Chihuahua Black with White Muzzle, Chest and Paws. Collar No ID – Koby

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Lost Pet in Hot Springs (Garland)
Pet’s Name: Koby
Description: Long-haired Chihuahua black with white muzzle, chest and paws
Pet Had ID or Collar: He had collar, but no ID
Area Lost: Richwood Ct.
City Lost: Hot Springs
County Lost: Garland
Date Lost: 8/19/18
Time Lost: Approximately 7pm
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 12 years
Spayed or Neutered: No
Microchipped: No
Contact Name: Melisa Stane
Phone: 501.339.8919
Best Contact Method: Text message
Email: mzhygienist@yahoo.com

REUNITED Cat Sighting in Little Rock (Pulaski) Tabby – Juvenile

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LOOSE Cat Sighting in Little Rock (PulaskI)
Description of Pet:Tabby. It was headed toward the road. I’m sorry I couldn’t grab it, I was with a group. I did not see a collar.
Area Seen In: Crowne Plaza parking lot on Shackleford
City (County) Seen In: Little Rock (Pulaski)
Date Seen: July 23, 2018
Time Seen: 6:00 PM
Gender of Pet: Unknown
Approximate Age of Pet: Juvenile

LOST Dog in Mayflower (Faulkner): White Great Pyrenees — Snowflake

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Pet Name: Snowflake
Description of Pet: 6 month old Great Pyrenees (white)
Area Lost In: Rocky Gap Rd, north of 89
City Lost In: Rural Mayflower – west
County Lost In: Faulkner
Date Lost : 04/09/2017
Time Lost : 11:00 am
Gender: Female
Is/Was the Pet Wearing a Collar with ID? Yes
Approximate Age: Baby
Is the Dog Spayed or Neutered? No
Is the Dog microchipped? No
Contact Name: Susan Nelson
Phone Number: (407) 257-4195
What is the BEST way to contact you about your LOST Text
Email: charles.f.nelson@hpe.com